Less radiation and clearer imaging


Huggins Hospital is proud to offer digital x-ray imaging to our community – an advanced technology that’s far superior to traditional x-ray equipment.

The difference between the two types of x-rays is a lot like the difference between an old camera and a new digital camera. Traditional x-ray equipment uses radiation to create an image that is imprinted onto film that must be developed. During this process, a large amount of information is lost that could contain valuable details that would help with diagnosis. In addition, film images cannot be manipulated or adjusted for more clarity.

With a digital x-ray, however, a smaller dose of radiation is used to create an image that exists as pure data. Special sensors instantly translate the data into a picture that can be viewed immediately and sent, stored and retrieved easily. This digital image provides roughly twice as much detail as a traditional x-ray can, giving your physician a far more accurate look at the area of concern. The image can also be improved through computer techniques that zoom, edge, lighten, or brighten – all of which helps with diagnosis.

From the patient’s point of view, though, digital x-ray offers two more welcome advantages over traditional x-ray. By eliminating the need to change cassette tapes during the imaging process, the technologist who performs your x-ray is free to focus on you and your comfort – and digital x-ray exams only take about half as long as traditional x-ray exams.

For more information, talk with your health care provider, or contact the Medical Imaging Department at 603.569.7529.