Huggins Hospital provides immediate and equal access to Effective Communication Aids and Services. Our auxiliary aids and services are available free of charge and employees throughout the organization can assist if needed.

The following is a partial listing of devices, aids and services available to you during your stay:

Deaf/Hard of Hearing Aids/Services

  • Personal Communicator/Amplifier
  • Certified ASL Interpreters
  • Video Remote Interpreting with Certified ASL Interpreters
  • Closed Caption Televisions
  • Door Knocker (Light alerts patient when anyone knocks at the door)
  • Hearing Aid Batteries

Visual Aids/Services

  • Magnifiers
  • Reading Glasses
  • Large Button Telephone
  • Signature Guides

Patients with Limited English Proficiency

  • Video remote interpreting via Stratus
  • Point To Talk Booklets
  • Telephonic Interpreters
  • On-Site Interpreters are available if needed

Contact Us

Communication & Community Relations Department
or contact our Switchboard by calling 603.569.7500.

TTY: 603.569.7535