Urology Services treat conditions of the urinary tracts and reproductive system of males and females. Many conditions treated by urologists are not gender-specific, meaning both males and females can see urologists for care.

State-of-the-art diagnostic equipment makes it possible to identify and pinpoint problems in very specific areas. Tests range from noninvasive ultrasound imaging for many urinary conditions to cystoscopy to get an inside view of the lining of the bladder. X-rays utilize injection of liquid to study fluid movement inside the body. Biopsies and blood tests are scheduled as needed.

Based on the diagnosis of the patient's condition, a urologist may determine that the patient needs something as simple as an antibiotic. Surgery, when necessary, can be minimally invasive. Urology specialists have privileges to perform procedures right here at Huggins Hospital.

In some instances, the urologist might use a "team approach" for the patient's care with team members such as a gynecologist for infertility or post-childbirth conditions.