The Huggins Hospital pharmacy team includes a clinical pharmacist who researches new drugs as well as new uses for existing ones. Whether you come to the Emergency Department, Surgical Services, or are admitted as a patient, whenever medications are involved, our pharmacy plays a key role in your treatment. We evaluate your medication order, checking it for:

  • Appropriate use
  • Correct dosage
  • Possible drug interactions
  • Potential allergies

We also monitor your laboratory results to make sure your medication is having the desired therapeutic effect.

Retail Pharmacy

Save yourself a stop on the way home. Have your prescription filled at the Huggins Hospital Pharmacy. Whether you are staying in the hospital, in the Emergency Department, or visiting your primary care or a specialty care provider, if you receive a prescription, take advantage of having it filled before you leave the campus.

Ask your nurse or the primary/specialty care office about having your prescription filled at the Huggins Hospital Pharmacy.