Neuro Rehab

Helping you reclaim your independence

The Neurological Rehabilitation (Neuro Rehab) program at Back Bay Rehabilitation provides top-notch care for those with nervous system injuries or illnesses. Physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech language pathologists work individually and as a team to restore independence to those affected by neurological issues, stroke, or brain injury.

Neuro Rehab also offers specialized treatment for balance and vestibular disorders. To improve balance, we assess why and and provide balance exercises, flexibility exercises, and gait retraining. For vestibular issues, we assess and treat the dizziness, spinning and nausea, and also provide education to help you manage these symptoms.

Each patient’s individual needs and personal goals are the prime concern of the Neuro Rehab’s caring staff. Whether your goal is to build strength and balance for better mobility, regain skills you need for everyday activities, or enhance your memory, understanding and communication, our team is ready to help.

To learn more about Neuro Rehab, please call Back Bay Rehabilitation at 603.569.7565 or e-mail