Feldenkrais Therapy

Feldenkrais is an innovative movement-based treatment to treat those experiencing restricted, pained, or an otherwise limited range of motion due to injuries, chronic pain, or other physical or neurological concerns. Individuals who participate in Feldenkrais Therapy often see increases in flexibility and higher levels of energy, as well as decreases in pain and muscle tension, stiffness, and fatigue. Individuals experiencing anxiety and/or stress may find benefit from this physical approach to treatment. 

The Feldenkrais method is considered appropriate for any individual, of any age, and has been shown to offer the following benefits: 

  • Improved health and well-being
  • Improved attention and concentration
  • Reduced pain 
  • Completing tasks with less effort
  • Improved posture, movement, coordination, and balance
  • Easier breathing
  • Better control over muscular tension