October 28, 2016

Drive Thru Flu Shot Clinic success

Huggins Hospital urged community members to roll down their windows and roll up their sleeves, and that is exactly what 270 participants did during the hospital’s free Drive Thru Flu Shot Clinic last week. Huggins Hospital offered a new and convenient way for adults to receive their flu shots this year by administering the flu shots directly through participants’ car windows at stations set up outside the hospital.

Community members expressed their gratitude for the convenience of the Drive Thru with some noting they would not have been able to receive the flu shot otherwise. Participants included mothers and fathers who were able to keep their children and pets in the car while getting the vaccine. One mother said she hadn’t received the flu shot in many years because she could not afford it and it was a challenge to bring her children to her medical appointments. This event offered her the opportunity to get care for herself while keeping her children safe and happy in the vehicle with her. Other participants included people with mobility issues and many others who simply enjoy convenience and trying something new.

“We were thrilled to see so many community members drive through to visit us and get their flu shots,” said Kim Daley, Vice President of Physician Services at Huggins Hospital. “It was heartwarming to know this event helped many people who struggle to get their flu shot each year. We were all smiling, laughing and having a great time while providing important preventative care to our community.” 

Huggins Hospital nurses, providers and administration, along with volunteers from Carroll County Coalition for Public Health, worked together to provide the flu shots featuring the Quadrivalent vaccine to help minimize the impact of contagious strains of the flu virus. The Quadrivalent vaccination provides the most widespread coverage available. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) indicate that flu vaccines cause antibodies to develop about two weeks after the vaccine is administered. The antibodies offer protection against the viruses in the vaccine. Each year, the vaccine is designed to protect people against the viruses predicted to be the most common for that season.  

Flu shots are still available inside all Huggins Hospital Primary Care locations throughout flu season by appointment.  For more information about Huggins Primary Care, visit www.HugginsHospital.org or call 603-515-2032.