March 12, 2018

Infusion services offered at Huggins Hospital

Don’t spend a beautiful day driving somewhere far away for your infusion services. You can get the care you need and spend your time right here in the Eastern Lakes Region at Huggins Hospital in Wolfeboro.

Huggins has provided infusion services since 2012 and has many returning patients that appreciate the proximity to home for their treatment. Vacationers have also commented that they appreciate being able to receive their regular infusion treatments while away from home and in the comfort of Huggins Hospital’s Infusion Services Department.

It may be called Infusion Services, however, Huggins provides more than infusions, including injections, IV hydration, Vascular Access Devices (VAD) insertion and maintenance, PICC and Midline insertion and therapeutic phlebotomies to name a few. Some of the most common recurring visits to the hospital include patients that receive Actemra, Remicade, Procrit, Xolair, Entyvio, Lanreotide, daily antibiotics, Solu-Medrol and IVIG.

Huggins has a staff of award-winning experts that provide care to the community. Patients continue to seek out treatment with Huggins Hospital’s Infusion Services because of the positive attitudes, simple process and pleasant environment.

The infusions are done in private rooms, each with a bed and recliner. Patients may watch TV, listen to music or take advantage of the free Wi-Fi on their own personal devices. Warm blankets and food are available to the patient and caregiver.

The process is simple. You or your healthcare provider can fax the following information: a physician’s order for service with diagnosis, most recent progress note and PICC/Midline/Port insertion information (if applicable) to 603.569.7667.

Huggins Hospital’s Infusion Services may be reached at 603.569.7530 with any questions or concerns you have.