December 14, 2015

Huggins PATH project focuses on improving patient experience

It is true – healthcare can be confusing. Complexities with access to care and insurance coverage can turn even a basic exam or procedure into a stressful situation. Huggins Hospital PATH employees are here to help. As the hospital looks forward to the future of healthcare, it continues to focus efforts on the value provided to all patients.

PATH (Patient Access to Huggins) streamlines registration and scheduling functions to one central location, providing ease of access for patients and allowing more time for hospital and physician office staff to focus on patient care, education and support. The goal is to improve patient experience and satisfaction with a dedicated team of employees to guide each patient through the scheduling process.

When a Huggins patient needs an exam or procedure, a PATH team member will call the patient to schedule. Each patient receives individual attention and guidance for their specific situation, including an estimate of out-of-pocket liability prior to the appointment. PATH will verify each patient’s insurance coverage before providing the estimate. Patients have the opportunity to receive a 30 percent discount for paying that estimate on or before the date of the exam or procedure. This service helps to take the guesswork out of hospital billing and insurance coverage while providing a financial benefit to all Huggins patients. Huggins Hospital also has a financial assistance program to help patients in need with their financial obligations. This program is available to all patients and the PATH team is happy to assist with the application process.

“We are continuing down our PATH to creating exceptional patient experience,” said Lora Kent Smith, Director of Revenue Cycle Services at Huggins Hospital. “The PATH team has made great strides to bring many services together in a way that will build an efficient and simplified process for our patients and our staff. The future is exciting with the success we’ve seen so far with this project.”

In the near future, PATH plans to focus more attention on access to primary care visits. This next phase of the project will help patients access care when and where they need it. Patients will have the ability to call PATH and receive help scheduling an appointment at any of the Huggins Hospital primary care offices located in Wolfeboro, Alton, Moultonborough, Tamworth and Ossipee. Each step of the PATH project is focused on enhancing access to care and improving the health care experience for the Huggins Hospital community. For more information about PATH, please call 603-569-7547.