November 24, 2021

Huggins Hospital experiences high volume of patients

Huggins Hospital, like most hospitals, continues to see insurmountable numbers of patients in our Emergency Department. We are inundated with calls and requests in all aspects of our services, from primary care to outpatient and elective services. Along with these increases, we are also experiencing volatile changes in our numbers of COVID-19 patients, which have increased on multiple occasions to filling more than half of our available beds during this most recent peak. We are balancing on the edge and are preparing in case things get worse. We often struggle to transfer patients to other hospitals, when needed, due to the same issues at hospitals across the state and in our neighboring states.

We would like to ask our community members to please utilize our Emergency Department for emergencies. If you need COVID-19 testing or other non-emergency services, please utilize outpatient services such as primary care and our Huggins Hospital Drive Up Testing service. You can call our COVID-19 Hotline to schedule a test at 603-569-7558. You can also access free testing and free vaccinations at sites across the state.  

Our employees are working diligently to care for everyone, putting in more effort than they ever have before. We are innovating every day, coming up with new ways to provide access to care.

We need our community’s help. Please get vaccinated against COVID-19. This is an easy step to help us maintain space and beds for patients who do become critically ill or who have an emergency.

Along with sites across the state, Huggins Hospital is still providing a COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic. You can schedule an appointment on our website at We also have an a couple after-school Pediatric Vaccine Clinics taking place on December 1 and December 2 from 3:30 – 5:30 PM and the community can call 603-515-2929 to schedule an appointment for children ages 5 – 11. We have seen an increase in volume in our Vaccine Clinic to include people seeking first doses, boosters and pediatric COVID-19 vaccination. We appreciate everyone who is doing all they can to support us and to keep our community healthy. We can do this together.