April 15, 2020

Huggins Hospital Adapts Staffing to New Operations during Pandemic

Huggins Hospital has had to make quick and difficult decisions in the past month in order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, protect the organization’s employees, and provide different services to address COVID-19 needs. These crucial changes have significantly disrupted operations at the hospital, resulting in an almost 50 percent decline in revenue. This decline comes primarily from the temporary halt in non-urgent, elective surgeries and the decrease in outpatient services such as primary care.

In order to continue preparations for the possibilities of COVID-19, Huggins Hospital has implemented a temporary 6-week furlough process for a small number of employees starting April 20th through the end of May. The change will include 23 staff members transitioned to a temporary furlough and others who will have a temporary reduction in hours. The majority of impacted employees are non-clinical and all the employees will remain on active status with the expectation of returning to work at the end of the 6-week timeframe. The employees may also be called back for repurposed roles if there is a surge of patients due to the COVID-19 crisis.

The employees will maintain their employment at Huggins Hospital and their benefits eligibility. The organization will provide extra supports during the temporary situation and until the employees can return to work in their full capacity.

At this is a time, there are also multiple supports for individuals from both the state and federal resources regarding income assistance, loan deferments, etc. Huggins Hospital has notified each employee impacted and is working to make sure those employees have access to all the resources available during this unprecedented time. 

“This is extremely difficult as we are simultaneously busy and slow during this crisis,” said Huggins Hospital’s President & CEO Jeremy Roberge. “At this time, we must focus on the continuation of essential care and in protecting our frontline staff who are providing that care. We are a strong family at Huggins Hospital and we will do everything we can to keep that family together after this pandemic.”