Huggins Celebrates Perioperative Nurses Week
November 9, 2020

Huggins Celebrates Perioperative Nurses Week

By Tammy Hendrick MSN, RN, CNOR

Director of Surgical Services

Perioperative Nurses Week (Nov. 8-14) celebrates the profession, the practice and the ongoing commitment our nurses have to the patients at Huggins Hospital. The recognition is especially well-deserved as the Year of the Nurse & Midwife and COVID-19 collide, making commitment to perioperative practice equally challenging and rewarding.

Our Perioperative Nurses Week theme this year is “Safe Surgery Together: Strength in Numbers.” Perioperative nurses are all advocates for our patients and their families.

In observance of the theme, the Huggins Hospital perioperative staff devoted time to practice fire preparedness and evacuation of the operating room in the event of a fire. There are an estimated 200-240 fires per year in operating rooms in the United States. Perioperative nurses are at the forefront when it comes to keeping patients safe in the operating room.

The Huggins Hospital perioperative team practiced several simulated fire scenarios in the operating room. The most current recommendations for practice were reviewed by Clinical Lead Stacey Heath, RN, with her team. Heath provided education on the fire triangle, the required communication between team members including the preoperative fire prevention assessment, and use of fire extinguishers.